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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

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Old - but good - News for 2000 year is available here

December 2001
Bull Update Nov 2001 SBC Top 50  Online or Interactive Excel File
Quota Update 7th DEC - Nov Fat adjusted production 4% above last year - 180Million under
Mouldy Feeds damage performance
November 2001
Feed Price Update 6th Nov
Quota Update 7th Nov
October 2001
Milk Price for Cornwall 
Reminder: Maize Silage can deliver up to 45% more forage intake
September Production / Quota update
Maize Maturity - Half Milk line
August 2001 SBConsultancy Bull Shortlist
Calf Coarse Mix Suggestions  04 10 01
Straights Update 03 10 01
September 2001
9000L is safe, & practical without a diet feeder or conventional feeds storage
Quota & Production Update 08 2001
Straights Update 01 09 2001
August 2001
Hi or Lo acid feeds on Maize Silage 08 01
Ex Combine Damp Grain 08 01
F&M milk loss potential update 08 01
Wholecrop and Harvest Update 08-08
Quota & Production Update 07 2001
Straights update 08-08
July 2001
Quota & Production Update 06 2001

June 2001

Feeds Update 21-06
Quota & Production Update 05 2001
Straights update 07-06


May 2001

Straights update 31-05
Arable and Straights clients notes  29-05
Dairy Crest Announces 1.5ppl Increase -for some
Quota Loan Calculator Update available for download also
Quota & Production Update 04 2001

April 2001

Quota & Production Update 03 2001

February 2001

Quota & Production Update 02 2001
Fertiliser Nitrogen For Grassland - adaptation of DEFRA booklet RB209
Straights update 9th Feb - suggest summer forward order now for Brazilian Soya 150ish and store winter price Citrus Nuts at 67 / t for summer usage.
Government has until end April to claim agrimoney package valued at 202m, of which 77 Million is for Dairying ~ 0.5ppl - earliest payment Autumn 2001. There is an election in May - and coffers are full - the prurient Scot saw to that.

Advise: In the face of increasing milk price both from the market and gaining euro, with a back ground, reducing interest rates, and agrimoney compensation clients are advised to forward lease NOW around 3.5ppl. Will we see a 6% Base rate average for the next 6 years with maybe a trough of 3.5-4.5%? If so - then quota purchase around 19ppl is a realistic option. Historically during better milk prices - clean quota is double the price of milk and leasing one fifth of the clean price. Leasing is now less than 1/5th the milk price and clean quota slightly less than this years anticipated milk price for the larger producer - ie 20+ppl.. Will we get 21- 22ppl within 12-18 months - its feasible - agriculture is on a roller coaster, last year was the trough


Quota - sunk with out Trace - 10 days under profile
NRC 2001 Latest US ration recommendations and free soft ware
Straights Update 05-02-2001

January 2001

2001 Grow your own vs. buy in free calculator - download now.
Quota & Drilling - dont get Lagged
Quota - going under
Straights Update 145/t Argentinean Soya May- October
Free Consultancy MDC is giving groups of farmers 1000 per 1000 cows to implement research MDC has
sponsored - go to this website if you require me or anyone else to help you implement your farmer bought and
paid research.
How to get involved
By phone:
call Ella Livingstone at the MDC on 01285 646516
By post: to Ella Livingtsone at MDC, Stroud Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 6JN
By email: to Ella Livingstone