Business Management

Key Benefits

Identify opportunities, strengths and weaknesses: Our fast  whole farm and enterprise performance software compares your confidential data  with regional results for South West dairy farms.  Shown on a  per cow, litre, acre and % output basis
Expand the business or stem the losses; realistic budget and cash flow projections.  Know what you have to do to work within your business and farm resources
Keep to the budget or justify altering course by monthly / bi monthly budget and cash flow monitoring

Client : Consultant Partnership

The family dairy business owner is typically the manager, foreman, GFW, relief Milker, inseminator, and gofer- all at once 365 days a year.  Its my job to help the family see more clearly where the  business stands, how it functions best and get it to a realistic destination.  Its the family's  job in this partnership between consultant and client  to tell me what you, how you do it - and to have good records - 9.5 times out of 10 this does not mean a computer!

There are indeed several farm certainties in life such as - 

crystal balls shatter 
politicians interfere with agriculture
cows need milking twice a day
rainfall variation is +/- 20% at the extremes within a 10yr average
the 90's saw the beginning of extreme milk price volatility - currently 40% lower than at peak and with further erosion as the full impact of the English version of the Single Farm Payment system becomes apparent.