Nutrition & Nutrient Management

SBConsultancy uses the U. Cornell, U. Pennsylvania, Miner Institute rationing software- CPM Dairy V 3.05.  Currently, it's the best nutritional model available in the world, until the UK Feed into Milk work is finalised over the next year or two.

NRC2001 US Ration Software and Manual now available as a free download - see below

*CNCPSv4 is available for 30 use trial by download at the Cornell CuNCPS website  Cost is 0 for academic users and $250 - $350 for others outside NY State.  CNCPSv4 covers all ruminants and nutrient management.

There are 4 rations the cow eats

The One recommended
The One given to the Milker / feed operator
The One fed by the operator
The One the cow eats

To  ensure the whole process is one smooth transfer of data clients receive a faxed ration with every detail clearly written incl key notes.  I never assume the ration forwarded is that fed and ALWAYS assess what is actually fed. 

Client Ration Monitoring:

For close monitoring of production, cost, quota & diet quality, clients have access to any or indeed all of:

DIY FREE Anytime / Monthly Ration Record Software day of milk recording ration monitoring records;  Monthly calving group Cow and Heifer yields and numbers are compared to actual ration fed and total cost of ration for each & all groups of milking and dry cows.
DIY FREE Lactation Curve Software for producing own herd lactation curves
DIY FREE GRAZING Budget Software: either do it your self or have it done for you with free software
DIY FREE Costings Scheme Software: yes it's totally free and last 20 years with or without SBConsultancy
Production, Milk Price, & Feed Cost  Forecast: vital for quota monitoring
Full Mineral Specification faxed for competitive quotes
Nutrient Management: SBC anticipates further tightening of artificial and natural manure management guidelines / legislation.  Manurial outputs from all dairy stock will be  automatically calculated by CPM Dairy Software based on forage and straights analysis.

CPM Dairy Rationing Software is available from Gloria Smith Univ. Cornell

New US Dairy Rationing Recommendations : NRC 2001

The long awaited US Dairy Cow Nutrition Software and Reference Manual are now available as FREE downloads from the US National Academy Press & also  by purchase from their website at a 20% discount of $57 plus $15 airmail 1-6 weeks delivery for International orders.  NRC 2001 is the formalisation of the Cornell Net Carbohydrate & Protein System - CNCPS.

To go straight to the ordering / free download section click below

Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle: Seventh Revised Edition, 2001
Subcommittee on Dairy Cattle Nutrition, Committee on Animal Nutrition, National Research Council
8.5 x 11, 408 pages, 2001.

NRC Model Software (Downloadable)  This Link gets straight to the Ration Software

Download the Manual  This link gets you to the downloadable PDF files - chapter by chapter

Laboratory Manager, Paul Sirois, analyses more than 100,000 samples a year from six continents making the DHIA Forage Laboratory one of the most widely recognized and respected laboratories in the world.  Access to Dairy One analyses is via Central Laboratories in the UK.  Samples are sent to Central, NIR analysis is performed and the results emailed to Dairy One for Interpretation for NRC 2001 / CNCPS.  Forage sample cost approx 15.  Detail;s of the analyses are available by clicking the logo at left

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