Calculate Walled Clamp Silage Density
Brian Holmes(1) and Richard Muck(2) The calculator is suitable for Maize & Lucerne silage
Biological Systems Engineering Dept.(1) and made in walled or earth clamps.
US Dairy Forage Research Center(2)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Clamp & Silage Details Metric Imperial
Clamp Silo Wall Height (meters) 2.45 8.0ft
Clamp Silo Maximum Silage Height (meters) 2.7 8.9ft
Fresh Wt Silage Delivery Rate - to Clamp t/hour 50t
Silage Dry Matter % 35%
Silage Packing Layer Thickness (cm) 10 3.9in
Rolling / Packing Tractor  - Each Tractor Kg Weight Tractor Rolling Packing Time - %  Filling Time *
Tractor  1 9000 9t 50
Tractor  2 5000 5t 100
Tractor  3 5000 5t 100
Tractor  4    
*Whilst the clamp is being filled what proportion of time
Results is the tractor/loader spent rolling / packing
Proportioned Total Tractor Weight 14500 15t
Number of Packing Tractors 2.50
Proportioned Average Tractor Weight 5800 6t
Average Silage Height (meters) 2.6 8.4ft
Packing Factor 2426 cu yd
Dry Matter Density (Kg DM/cu m or cu Yard) 222 169 More than 225 Kg DM/cu m is recommended
Fresh Weight kg per cu m or cu yd 635 483 Density greater than 450 Kg DM/cu m is unrealistic