Half Milk Line

The milkline is the hard starch layer seen from the crown (top) of the kernel towards the base.  In this picture the cob's outward appearance has changed from a pale yellow cream to reddy yellow.  The line between the reddy yellow and pale yellow is known as the Milk line. 



When to harvest

Maize is best harvested at 28-35% moisture and a preferred moisture of 28-32% dependant on cob ripeness to avoid over heating.

It is perfectly satisfactory to harvest an outwardly green crop at 1/4- milkline (28-30% moisture),  It is not satisfactory to harvest a bone white crop at 3/4 milkline (40% DM)

Harvest Conditions

This weekend (6th October) crops at 300ft sown on time in a favorable aspect are at 1/4 milk line and leaves are turning  brown - particularly with eye spot.

Above 300ft or sown in June crops are green - little eyespot - and pale creamy to just starting reddy yellow.  These need a week or two further.

Additive or Not

Always salt the top and sides with 3kg and 6kg rock salt respectively

28-32% crops will not need an additive if well rolled - with two tractors rolling full time - use the biggest weighted tractor at or above 7tons in no greater than 4 inch packing layers.  A little grey Fergie is no help at all.

32-35% Crops will benefit from any L.planetarum additive.

Over 35% Crops require for summer feeding Biotal's L.Bucceneri

On feeding out - tie a wide brush to the tractor drivers arm - he should be able to see his face in the concrete.  Minimum feed out rate in the summer is 1ft per day.