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Getting Started

The bare minimum Data to make the program function is as follows 

Preview Herd Data Entry Screen  

Herd Data Sheet: 20yrs 

Milk Sales The headings at left is the absolute minimum data entry
Paid to Bank
Butter Fat %
Protein %  
Cows in Milk
Concentrates Fed
Cost Per Ton
Energy Per Kg DM

Quota Sheet 20yrs

Base Quota The headings at left is the absolute minimum data entry
Fat %  
Purchase + / - Sell
Fat %  
Lease + In  - Out
Fat %  


Feed Data Sheet: 

Preview the feed data sheet  

Lasts one Year & is to help you easily work out each month, cost & amounts of concentrates or forages 

Concentrates section Enter all the details including amounts and price each month in Kilograms 
Brewers grains, wet beet pulp, fodder beet or similar - these are concentrates and should not be included in the forage section
All dry cows feeds & minerals should be included - we should be concerned with the total feed to support the cow 
Forages Section - Do not enter grazing Kg eaten, the program calculates cost and amount of grazings automatically based on milk quality etc 
Don't want to record forages? leave the section completely blank.
Acreage " Forage" -  If costing home grown grains at cost of production ie feeding them ALL - no sales, then include arable acreage with forage 
Full Forage Cost Calculator will be available soon 
Saving Feed Data To annually save the feeds data go to "Edit", then "Move or Copy Sheet ", see below 



Preview Monthly Report Screen pre printing 
Preview Print Preview Screen

Select  up to 12 months data by highlighting with a Left click with the Mouse the starting month, - eg APR 99, hold down the left button and move the mouse so the next 12 months to Mar 00 are highlighted, then drop down the page still holding the left mouse button down to the bottom row.  Now click on "File", click on "Print", in "Print What" select "Selection", in "Print Range" enter "1" page in "From" and "To",  select "Preview" to check what is being printed, finally click on "Print"

Print Procedures for Printing or Fax


Saving The Annual Feed Data Sheet at the YEAR'S END

Click  "Edit", select "Move or Copy" select "(move or copy") tick "Create Copy"

To save this "(new book)" click "File" click "Save as", change the name in "File name" and save in a folder of your choice