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Excel 95-2000 files work with all versions of Microsoft Excel from 95-2002
Excel 97-2000 files are given for convenience of downloading smaller files - but may
work less well in Excel 95
Excel? - get the free viewer from Microsoft  if not installed Excel Viewer 97-2000
Zipped? Y = file is compressed by WinZip for faster download - if not installed
get  free copy from WinZip
Adobe Acrobat Reader - some files are in PDF format - get the free viewer from Adobe
PowerPoint - get the free viewer if not  installed from Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 97



File Version

File Version


SBC Dairy Herd Costings Excel 95-2000 1.0mb Excel 97-2000 0.5mb Y
SBC Mortgage Calculator Excel 95-2000 45kb  N
SBC Lighting Calculator Excel 95-2000 0.3mb Y
SBC Lighting Calculator Excel 97-2000 150kb N
SBC Simple Light Calc Excel 97-2000 26kb N
Silage Density Calculator Excel 95-2000 17kb N
Heifer Silage Ration Excel 97-2000 88kb Y
Crop Costs 2001 Excel 97-2000 23kb N
Quota Loan Calculator Excel 97-2000 33kb N
Grain Moisture Excel 97-2000 30kb N
SBC Bull List AUG 01 Excel 97-2000 38kb  N
SBC Bull List NOV 01 Excel 97 2000 49kb N