Straights Update February 2002

Best Buys

Argy Soya 128 ex store summer - 135 winter 02/3
Record world Wheat harvest forecast for 2002 so wheat price under pressure - look for bargains at harvest - probably 65-70 but store now at 74 for summer feeding.
Barley still at 10 discount to Wheat and preferable for youngstock
For  high yielding cows, always focus on high lysine feeds with the priority in order as follows Argy Soya,  Rape, Beans & Peas - These just happen also to be best buys.  Limit inclusion of maize by-products or brewers grains to 2-3kg DM max.  Eg fed no more than 8-12kg Brewers, or 3kg Maize Gluten or 2kg US Maize Distillers.

Limited Storage / No Mill & Mix or Diet Feeder.

Crimped acid treated 45% moisture grain whilst convenient, practical & effective  costs are prohibitive - amounting to 20-25 per ton treated adjusted to a 16% standard grain moisture.  There are alternatives as follows.

Spot prices for Citrus ex store 69 buy now  & mix with brewers grains 5:1 in clamp for summer feeding 5-12kg
Mixing Straights - Cereals with Silages: Citrus, Rolled cereals, and maize gluten can be safely stored mixed with grass at and below 35% DM at silage making. 

Rates of straights per acre are given below for a 3:1 Forage Dry Matter : 90% DM Straight ratio. Adjust fresh weight if the straights differ in dry matter significantly from 90%.  Do not mix more straights than the 3:1 ratio.  Count the number of trailers from a typical field to work out the amount in Kgs of straights to be spread onto each trailer load

Crop Moisture
Dry Matter Yield Straights 90% DM 20% 25% 30% 35%
 t/ac  t/ac Fresh Weight per acre
1st Cut 1.7 0.6 8.5 6.8 5.7 4.9
2 1.2 0.4 6.0 4.8 4.0 3.4
3 0.7 0.2 3.5 2.8 2.3 2.0
Total 3.6 1.2 18.0 14.4 12.0 10.3
Poor 3 1.0 15.0 12.0 10.0 8.6
Aver 3.5 1.2 17.5 14.0 11.7 10.0
Good 4 1.3 20.0 16.0 13.3 11.4
High 4.5 1.5 22.5 18.0 15.0 12.9
Feed Out Silage KG Dry matter
3 6 9 12 15
Kg Straights Fed at 90% DM
1 2 3 4 5

                    Example: 100 acres early May first cut  - order (100x 0.6t) = 40t citrus and 20t US Maize Distillers
                                           60 acres good maize order (60 x 1.3t) = 80t  Argy Soya

DO NOT roll moist grains more than a day or two in advance
Whole wheat (not barley or Oats) gradually wetted with 450L water and skinned by rotating for 15 - 20 minutes in a borrowed diet feeder is possible if a roller is not available at silage making
Clean, non blighted potatoes (stay away from earlies) can be stored similarly
Mix  feeds by tipping onto every trailer load of grass as they enter the silo - distribution will be uneven but 15 minutes bucket mixing at feedout will ensure a product similar to that produced by a TMR.
High Protein Straights & hammer milled pulses & can be safely mixed with Forage Maize  below 35% DM. Typically 50:50 Argy Soya: Rape when little or no cake is fed or more commonly all Argy Soya when 6-8kg cake fed.
Salvage Wet Beans & Peas need to be squashed with crimper and then further wetted to at least 35% moisture before mixing with forage maize but digestibility is likely low in the very high yielding cow. Essentially for the same reasons that there is a corn cracker installed in the forage harvester to break open maize kernels so large pulse seeds need  pulverising. 
If dung is peppered with large seeds or grains the conclusion is inadequate processing.  Sieving dung is advisable  to determine feed utilization.
If wheat grains in dung seems excessive wet further caustic,  ammonia or Innoculant (BioGrain) treated whole grains before feeding.
DO NOT rely on Inoculants / acids to clamp wet salvage peas and beans.
DO NOT mix ammoniated wheat or caustic treated grains with grass at silage making.