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Bull Update Nov 2001 SBC Top 50  Online or Interactive Excel File
August 2001 SBConsultancy Bull Shortlist
Young bulls


Lighten up your profits by 40 per cow this winter (00/01) at the flick of a switch - not for late winter calvers &
 dry cows
Sand Cubicles


Straights Update Updated prices and tips monthly
Mouldy Feeds damage performance  01 12 01
Mineral Prices
Calf Coarse Mix Suggestions  04 10 01
9000L is safe, & practical without a diet feeder or conventional feeds storage
Ex Combine Damp Grain 08 01
Wholecrop and Harvest Update 08-08
Arable and Straights clients notes  29-05
NRC 2001 Latest US ration recommendations and free soft ware
2001 Grow your own vs. buy in calculator - download now.
Relative Value of DUP feeds ( fish replacers )
Fishmeal Ban: Alternatives discussed Dec 13 2000
Wheat Latest Safe Sowing  with little planted and some to replant check latest safe sow.
Diet Feeding the 3-400 cow herd - costs examined Oct 18
Fusarium Ear Blight in Wheat - be careful if saving seed.
Preferred Winter Wheat Varieties for Cornwall
Preferred Spring Wheat Varieties for Cornwall
Genghis Winter Wheat costings 
Brewers Yeast


Reminder: Maize Silage can deliver up to 45% more forage intake
Maize Maturity - Half Milk line
Fertiliser Nitrogen For Grassland - adaptation of MAFF booklet RB209
Grass seed Mixtures 2000 -2001 for Cornwall
Maize 2000
Maize Eyespot
Late maize harvest at high dry matter will cause high clamp losses - but steps can be taken to prevent this.


Free Beef & Heifer Ration Calculator Recent ('98) intake work with grass silage is incorporated.
Heifer Pre Puberty UK results from Bridgets Research show 0.65kgLWG at 100-200kg yields + 500L Milk


Early Grazing March 2000

Milk Price

Milk Price for October 2001
Dairy Crest Announces 1.5ppl Increase for all in July 2001
Milk Link April 2001 announcement
Milk Link November 2000 announcement
Milk Link August 2000 announcement


Quota Update - Country heading for 75-100 million L under 10-01-02
Quota Prices 6 year average to APR 2000
Quota Loan Calculator Update


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