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Old - but good - News for 2000 or 2001

August 2002

Milk Price: Cornwall
Grain Moisture Calculator - in MS Excel - use to work out Urea Treatment of Whole Wheat

Feb 2002

Quota Update - Country continues to head under quota
Straights Update 07/02/02  Argy Soya drags down straights market

January 2002

Nitrate Vulnerable Zone Calculator for Download
Quota Update - Country heading for 75-100 million L under 10-01-02
Straights Update 02/01/02  Argy Soya drags down straights market
December 2001
Bull Update Nov 2001 SBC Top 50  Online or Interactive Excel File
Quota Update 7th DEC - Nov Fat adjusted production 4% above last year - 180Million under
Mouldy Feeds damage performance